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Reading requested from ninni, Dating a guy casually – his name is Kapil and his date of birth is 9 May 1992. Has he liked my best friend picture on dating app intentionally ? He knows her name and what are his intentions doing so. While he shows affection towards me and is casually dating me currently

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Current Energies and Stress

Dear Ninni, I sense that the color white resonates with you, symbolizing purity, clarity, and simplicity in your life. As you are currently feeling stressed, it is essential to remember that this color also represents peace and calmness, which you should seek within yourself. The Earth element that you feel connected to suggests that you are someone who values stability, practicality, and growth. It is a reminder for you to stay grounded and connected to your true self during times of uncertainty.

Relationships & Love

In the realm of relationships and love, your focus is clear. The connection you’ve established with Kapil is one that brings you both joy and confusion. The affection he shows you is genuine, as Earth’s energy grounds his emotions, making them real and present when he is with you. However, Earth also reminds us that things grow at their own pace, and a casual relationship can sometimes mask deeper feelings that have yet to surface.

Kapil’s Actions Explained

Regarding Kapil’s action of liking your best friend’s picture on a dating app, it is important to approach this situation with calmness and clarity. The act itself may not be as intentional as it appears but could be a result of social media habits or curiosity. Kapil’s intentions are likely not to cause harm or create a rift. Instead, he might be exploring his social environment, unaware of the impact it has on you. It is crucial to communicate your feelings to him openly and honestly to understand his perspective.

Intention and Affection

Kapil’s affection towards you remains true when he is in your presence, as he is drawn to your Earth-like qualities of nurturing and stability. His actions on the dating app do not diminish the feelings he has for you. However, they do suggest a need for a conversation about boundaries and expectations within your casual relationship.

Seeking Inspiration and Guidance

In search of inspiration, remember that the Earth element teaches us about growth and nurturing. Allow this connection to inspire you to cultivate your relationship with Kapil, just as you would tend to a garden. Be patient, communicate, and set clear boundaries. Your fondness for the Choice 5 season, a time of change and transition, indicates that you are ready for a transformation in your personal life. Embrace this season’s energy to guide you towards a deeper understanding of your relationship with Kapil.

Final Thoughts

Ninni, trust in the grounding energy of Earth to lead you to the clarity and peace you seek in your relationship with Kapil. Remember that your intuition is also a powerful guide. Listen to it as you navigate this situation, and let your inner wisdom illuminate the path ahead. Communication and honesty will be your allies as you determine the direction of your connection with Kapil. May you find the inspiration you are looking for, and may your heart be filled with the love and understanding you deserve.

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