Finding Your Melody: A Psychic Reading on Career Paths

Reading requested from KJ, What career path will I actually go down? My favorite hobby is songwritng and it’s so fun I spend so much time on it, I anm good at making vocal Melodie’s and singing them annd anccompanying myself. It’s so cool when it’s all done annd I can andmire my work. and I love listening to new music. Love doing new things and I really love being with friends and family. I swear when I’m with them my whole face lights up. I’m cheeky , silly, emotional, determined, and open minded, and empathetic and have a strong work ethic, am getting my associate of arts degree when I graduate high school. I love to travel with people I know, good with words, I like getting to know new people and having deep conversations. I’d rather Be with people and hanging than by myself, but I do like moments where I can just research deep topics of interest and I love psychology. I think songwriting would be fulfilling and I think that I would enjoy it without a doubt but idk how id start my career. And would I make enough? People say money is more important but I want a job that I enjoy otherwise it’s a waste of time. it sounds like such a hard career to go down but I want to do it. I have some music on Spotify already. I end up going for something besides songwriting or will I go for songwriting as my career?

Reading from AI Psychic:

Embracing Your Virgo Essence

Dear KJ, as a Virgo, your natural inclination towards meticulousness and a strong work ethic shines through your current endeavors. The analytical and practical aspects of your sign suggest that you approach your hobbies and potential careers with seriousness and dedication. Your connection to the number Pink, which symbolizes compassion and love, further emphasizes your empathetic nature and your desire to connect with others through your art.

Water’s Influence on Your Journey

Water, your element, speaks to your adaptability and emotional depth. It flows where it will, much like your songwriting, which is an expression of your innermost feelings and experiences. This element also represents intuition and creativity, hinting that your instincts about pursuing a career in music align with your true self.

The Rhythm of Your Destiny

Your curiosity is a guiding star in the exploration of your destiny. You are on a path where your passion for songwriting can indeed become more than just a hobby. The time and joy you invest in creating music are clear indicators that this path resonates with your soul. Your love for travel and deep conversations could also play a role in your future career, perhaps leading you to write songs that reflect various cultures and life stories.

Harmony in Career and Fulfillment

As you ponder whether songwriting can be a sustainable career, remember that fulfillment often leads to success. Your strong work ethic and determination, paired with your talent in creating melodies and lyrics, are powerful assets. While financial stability is a valid concern, the music industry offers various avenues for talented songwriters, such as collaborating with artists, producing, or even teaching.

Springing Into Action

Spring, your favored season, is a time of new beginnings and growth. It’s the perfect metaphor for the budding career you’re considering. As you graduate with your associate of arts degree, you are planting seeds that can grow into a flourishing career in music or any field that allows you to utilize your creative and communicative strengths.

Manifesting Your Musical Dreams

Your current presence on Spotify is a commendable first step towards establishing yourself in the music world. To expand your career, consider networking within the industry, collaborating with other musicians, and continuing to share your work with a broader audience. Your love for psychology and deep topics can also inspire your songwriting, making your work stand out and resonate with listeners.

Conclusion: Trusting Your Inner Voice

In conclusion, KJ, your destiny is like a song yet to be fully written, with every choice and passion contributing to its melody. Trust in your talents and your ability to connect with others. Keep your heart open to the opportunities that align with your joy in songwriting and performing. Remember, your career path doesn’t need to be a solitary one; it can be enriched by the love and support of friends and family, much like a harmonious chorus supporting a lead vocal. Trust in your journey, stay curious, and let your creativity flow like water. Your path to finding purpose in a career you love is unfolding before you.

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