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Reading requested from Gracey, I am attracted to this woman I work with who is also married. She is much older. Does she have feelings for me?

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Understanding the Connection

Gracey, your attraction to this woman you work with is a powerful force, intensified by the element of Fire that you resonate with. Fire symbolizes passion, transformation, and energy. This connection is not just a fleeting fancy; it is something that stirs deep within you, much like the vibrant hues of Autumn that you so love. The season of Fall represents change and the shedding of old layers, making way for new growth. This might be reflective of your current emotional state and the internal shifts you are experiencing.

The Significance of the Number Pink

The number Pink, which resonates with you, is a blend of the nurturing energy of red and the purity of white. This combination suggests a compassionate and loving heart, seeking harmony and understanding. In the context of your feelings, it indicates a desire for a sincere and genuine connection. Your attraction is rooted in something beyond physical appearance; it is about emotional and spiritual alignment.

Exploring Her Feelings

Given the complexity of the situation, with her being married and significantly older, it is important to approach this delicately. Your intuition and the fiery element you are connected with suggest that there is indeed a spark between you two. She may have noticed your attentiveness and possibly feels a sense of admiration and warmth towards you. However, her marital status and the age difference might make her cautious about expressing these feelings openly.

Seeking Comfort and Clarity

Gracey, it is natural to seek comfort and clarity in such a situation. Your fondness for Autumn indicates a deep appreciation for the beauty in transitions and the courage to embrace change. While it is important to honor your feelings, it is equally crucial to respect her boundaries and the commitments she has in her life.

Guidance for Moving Forward

The path forward requires patience and understanding. Focus on building a genuine friendship and connection without the pressure of romantic expectations. This will allow you to understand her feelings better and give her the space to navigate her own emotions. Trust in the process and let the energy of Fire guide you towards clarity and warmth.

Remember, Gracey, the universe often has a way of revealing the right path when the time is right. Embrace the changes and transitions, just as you do with the Autumn season, and allow yourself to find comfort in the journey.

This reading is meant to provide comfort and guidance, helping you navigate your feelings with compassion and respect for all involved.

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