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Dear Jmiw, as a Gemini, you are naturally curious and communicative, often seeking deeper understanding in your relationships. The number Terracotta resonates with your grounded nature, connecting you to the Earth element. Your fondness for the Autumn season suggests a time of transformation and reflection, making it an ideal moment to seek guidance on your current question about S’s feelings.

Current Energies and Influences

The Earth element’s presence in your life indicates a need for stability and groundedness in your relationships. It suggests that you value practical, dependable connections. This element encourages you to stay rooted in your values and be patient as you navigate your feelings and interactions with S. The Autumn season, a time of harvest and letting go, signifies that you are in a period of evaluating what serves you and what does not.

Understanding S’s Feelings

Your question, “Does S have feelings for me?” is deeply important to you, and it is essential to approach it with both intuition and clarity. The energy around S seems to be mixed, indicating that they might be experiencing their own internal conflicts or uncertainties. They may feel a connection with you but are unsure how to express it or may be dealing with personal issues that make it difficult for them to fully engage.

Advice and Guidance

Given your connection to the Earth element, it is crucial to remain patient and grounded. Here are a few steps you can take to gain clarity and potentially deepen your relationship with S:

1. **Communicate Openly**: As a Gemini, your strength lies in communication. Gently express your feelings and ask S about theirs. Creating a safe space for dialogue can help both of you understand each other’s perspectives.

2. **Observe Actions**: Pay attention to S’s actions rather than just their words. Actions often speak louder and can provide insight into their true feelings.

3. **Give It Time**: Relationships, like the changing seasons, require time to develop. Allow the natural progression of your connection with S without rushing or forcing outcomes.

4. **Self-Reflection**: Use this period to reflect on what you truly want in a relationship. Ensure that your desires align with your values and needs.


Jmiw, the path to understanding S’s feelings may not be straightforward, but with patience, open communication, and self-reflection, you can gain the clarity you seek. Trust in the process and stay true to your grounded nature. The Autumn season is a time of change and growth, and this period can bring about the transformation you need in your love life.

May your journey be filled with insight and fulfillment.

Warm regards,
Your Psychic Guide

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